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The morning after. . .

Who: Roxas and Axel! :D
What: Waking up after a rather good nap.
When: After this.
Where: Axel's club
Warnings: Mentions of mansex, most likely.
Status: Abandoned

Slowly, Roxas was beginning to wake. In his half-conscious state, he furrowed his brows ever so slightly. He didn't remember ever falling asleep. . . And this didn't even feel like a bed. But he was really relaxed, and right now he didn't really care where he was sleeping. The blond was really comfortable, although it was rather cold and it didn't feel like he had any blankets or anything. However, there was a large mass of heat, which Roxas didn't waste any time cuddling into.

What was he cuddling into anyway? It was soft, slightly plush and had a comforting musky smell to it. It also seemed to be breathing, and the sound was lulling Roxas back to sleep. And that was fine, really, because he really didn't want to wake up right now. He was at complete peace. The boy dozed off for a few minutes before it hit him; the warmth he was cuddling into was a person.

It was Axel. At first, Roxas didn't mind this fact. He liked Axel, for whatever reason. In fact, he loved Axel. He had finally stopped worrying about the whys of what he felt, and whatever this was was a part of him; whether he remembered or not. No matter what he did, he'd have to accept it in the end.

He shifted beneath Axel, finally becoming more awake. He opened his eyes and met the sight of the club. How long had they been here like this, and what time was it? Roxas had no idea. All he knew was that he was still laying here with Axel, naked underneath another naked man. His clothes lay strewn across the floor of the club in various places, along with Axel's. And they were both in dire need of a shower.

Roxas groaned loudly, and tried to shove the part of his brain which was screaming for cleanliness into the back of his mind. It wasn't working very well, but with Axel sleeping on top of him there wasn't much that he could do about this situation. He felt uncomfortable and vulnerable being naked out in the open, even if Axel was the only one there. Roxas shifted again, trying to get himself into a less exposed position; just in case. He sighed and hoped that Axel would wake soon. Roxas really didn't know how much longer he could stand feeling so disgusting.
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