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Port Mango Multifandom RPG
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Welcome to Port Mango, a cheery little village in which your character has mysteriously stumbled upon. The community here is very friendly and you are immediatley greeted by the Mango Bots. The sole purpose of these bots is to ensure the well being of your character and warn them when strange events that are about occur. Why do these strange events occur? Well, it is rumoured that these stange occurances are brought on by the mysterious mayor. The mayor who is said to be a generous character, and even though he resides in the center of the town - had never been seen before.
It is up to your character to establish themselves in this new world, while recording the events of their daily lives in their journals. The journals are the most advanced pieces of technology your character will own once they land on Port Mango and their only purpose is to serve as a form of communication between characters.

Once your character has been greeted by the Mango Bots, they will take you to your house. These houses are all identical with kitchens, bathrooms, basements. These houses are all found throughout the village so your character will not be without a house. Your character will also be assigned two other roommates so try to get along :D

Also: Characters under the age of 15 have a curfew of 9:30pm.

Housing list is here .

The school schedule is here.

I. Respect your fellow RPers.
II. Please stay in character. Somethings are fine but please do not go overboard.
III. No character bashing, pairing bashing: yaoi, yuri ect.
IV. Please mark NC-17, R or Adult in general material and put it under an LJ-Cut
V. Any magic/super powers/ unnatural abilitites your character may have will no longer work in Port Mango. Also, your character will no longer have their weapons. Please keep this in mind! If you have read all the rules, please put "Hide and Seek" in your application subject line.
VI. Interaction between characters will take place on Livejournal mainly. This means that it's crucial for your characters to comment to other characters often and post as much as they can on Livejournal. You can log with other players via AIM, MSN, etc just as long as you post the log in the Mango_port community
VII. Characters must post in their journals at least once or twice a week/2 weeks. If we see that you are being innactive, we may have to contact you about it.
VIII. Do not make a character journal until you have been approved. Once you're approved go for it!
IX. Do not God mod. God modding means you can not RP for the another character that is not yours, or include them in anything that they have not agreed to.
X. Your characters can not kill the Mango Bots. If you would like to include/harm/maim mango bots ect, please contact the mods :D

Your mods are:


E-mail/MSN: tyronegirl@hotmail.com

AIM: None D:

Other: tyronegirl@gmail.com


E-mail/MSN: imaginist13@hotmail.com

AIM: duckprince

Other: leafnin@gmail.com


E-mail/MSN: interalfugue@hotmail.com


Other: N/A

All of us are friendly, so if you have a question or concern just e-mail/MSN. We don't bite - we promise. :3

Apply here.

The reserve list is here. Please check this before applying for characters!

The Add list is here.

If you have any questions at all, please post them here.

A list of Taken Characters can be found HERE