Hatake Kakashi (kaka_rabu_icha) wrote in port_mango,
Hatake Kakashi

Characters: Anyone!
When: After all the costume transformations have occurred.
Where: Public meeting ground/town hall?
What: Basically just a chance for everyone to get together and gawk in terror at each other.
Note: Feel free to start your own sub-thread here or randomly jump into someone else's. Do not worry about being polite! Just RP. ♥

It happened so suddenly. He'd been sitting quietly on his bed updating his Mango journal when there was a gentle tap on his back. Turning and looking around, Kakashi saw no one. Only a pale flash of light from the corner of his eye and nothing more. Then before he knew it his hands began to mutate over the keys, sprouting white fur and sharp pointed nails, fingers retracting into paws. He'd turned into a dog! Or rather a handsome, silver wolf-mutt.

"Iruka!" he tried to cry out, but it wasn't his voice anymore - it was an earsplitting howl. 'Damnit! I can't speak. But I've got to go see if this is happening to anyone else,' he thought. Human clothes no longer fitting his canine form, he squirmed and kicked his way out of them before bolting through the house like his tail was on fire.
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