draconis_major (draconis_major) wrote in port_mango,

Who: Draco and Kaito, perhaps Aoko
What:Draco has Kaito over for cocoa, but we'll see how long Kaito can keep his hands off of my sex bunny :)
Where:Draco and Aoko's house
When: Right now. (between christmas and new years.)
Warnings:kissing, touching, dirty things. very probbable mansex... or attempts of such... mayhaps a threesome. depends if the other muns are as pervy as I am. Not "worksafe" at any rate. Not something I'd want my mum to read >.<
Status: WIP

The kettle was whistling away merrily, and Draco had the tea service all ready. Now if only that pesky boy would hurry over... Draco was getting impatient, and not only because the kettle would soon run out of steam. He had harboured a small crush on the boy, seemingly having culminated in a make out before hi disappearance. Of course, now that Kaito was back, there was much more fun to be had.

Pacing around the kitchen in the still odd muggle clothes, Draco sighed. He never used to pace... or sigh. Damn island! He poured the cocoa for something to do, hoping the kid would arrive before it got too cold. Rearranging the biscotti for the third time, he was tempted to start tea alone.
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