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Who: Draco and Aoko
What: A broken air-conditioner and a HOT night (pun intended)
Where: Their House
When: After Aoko gets over her cold
Warnings: very probably smex scene, and probably language in some parts, not for children

Aoko was confused, it was winter, no where near warm outside, and the air conditioner was broken. So why the hell was it was it so hot? She let out a sigh as she leaned into the couch, trying to soak in whatever coolness she could from it. It didn't seem to be working though, she could still feel the heat. She was starting to wonder if the heater was stuck or something.

She was starting to consider a nice cold shower, as she peeled off her outer shirt, leaving her under shirt on. How did it get so hot in the middle of winter anyway? The girl let out a groan as nothing seemed to keep her cooled off. maybe she could get a glass of cold water.

She cursed the heat and adjusted her skirt to give her something to do. She didn't really want to get up, but supposed she had to eventually. Maybe reading that romance novel would take her mind off the horrible heat.

With some effort she pulled herself up off the couch and to her feet, only to go into her room, grab the book, and return to her spot on the couch. She opened it up to where she left off the last time.
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