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Evil fangirls got ahold of some crack, whilst snorting it they thought, why not write about bishies?

Who: Draco (in Axel's body) and a confused Roxas *grin*
What: Fun.
When: During body switch crack...
Where: On the beach.
Why: Why ever not?

Needing to get away from the insanity of the town centre, Draco walked down to the beach. It was a slightly chilly day and his jeans didn't quite fit Axel's body. He really hated floods...
The beach was his favourite part of the island. There was the seaside in Britain, but it wasn't the same. This was surprisingly uncrowded, there were tropical trees and the sand was white and fine. He didn't swim too often, although looking at the water seemed to calm him down.
Finding his favourite secluded area, almost hidden by the tall grasses, he sat down to watch the waves come in.
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