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Who: Kaito and Hakuba
What: Showing around the islan
When: Today.
Where: Everywhere
Warnings: Possible magician bashing, as usual. >.<

Kuroba Kaito walked up to the hotel, memories of his own stay there bouncing around. He wondered if Ino had gotten a house yet...

Recently, Hakuba had been admitted to the island, which meant no end of amusement for Kaito cause whatever happened to him would most likely happen to the detective as well, and he was pretty torn what to think. Hakuba still couldn't prove he was Kid, but now, even if he could, there was no jail It would be worthless evidence.

Yet, he was secretly grateful that Hakuba was there. He was no longer alone. Sure, he'd seen Conan around, but the chibi seemed to have disappeared. Maybe he got sucked into a hole or something and got stuck. However, Hakuba he normally saw everyday. It was comforting to know that someone he could talk to without explaining anything was here.

Of course, that didn't mean he wouldn't take absolute delight in laughing at Hakuba or tormenting him to the best of his ability. A magician can only go so far without teasing the person who doubts him.

He crossed his arms, wearing the outfit he had when he washed up on the shore. If it suddenly got cold again, he was screwed, but for now it would work.

Was Hakuba going to make him wait, just to annoy him?

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