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Oh dear...

I'm sorry I disappeared so suddenly! I have a bad flu or something, I've been sleeping for like since tuesday and I had to go to the hospital this morning but they said I should just sleep it off. There's a reason I didn't want to go... useless doctors. They made me drink yucky things so that I can get better and do a decent post for that party I was trying to organize (probably backdated :O). That said, if anyone wants to take it upon themselves to go ahead without me... I'll be sleeping so I won't notice xD

Hoping you are all doing better than I am,
~your lovely tired Draco-mun

*****EDIT  sorrysorrysorryI'mabadmod*headdesk* I was trying to post this to my character journal, in my diziness I must have posted in the comm. I can't change it now and there's comments so I don't want to delete it, I just thought I'd call my bad so as not to confuse anyone.
I'm feeling much better now, and I posted my party thread, drop in whenever you are available, I know it's a busy time, but it's <i>also</i> partytime!
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