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**please read carefully**

Who: Everyone left on the island who wants to have some fun! (Being a shy one in person, Draco has sent everyone an invitation! What a stuckup sweetie!)
What: A party at Draco's house! Hope his (nonexistent?) roommates don't mind ^^;;
When: Well, I wanted to have it last Friday, but I got the flu, and this weekend is thanksgiving where I live, so I thought we could go with a Friday in the rp, but whenever everyone can make it in real life over the next few days. It can end when it ends.
Where: Draco's pristine house of course.
What time: Starting at dusk.

Everything in the house was spotless and perfectly arranged, ready for guests to arrive. Draco was in the middle of lighting candles to ward away the coming darkness when he remembered something a little more important: he had yet to dress! Dashing upstairs, he eased on the pressed dark trousers and green dress shirt.

Downstairs again, he pulled freshly made hors d'oeuvre out of the oven and onto the platters he prepared with garnished with island flowers.

No one would call Draco Malfoy a bad host. He'd bought drinks.
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