mango_bot (mango_bot) wrote in port_mango,

Watch out, there be a turrible STORM on the way!

Quickly, EVERYONE TAKE REFUGE IN THE CITY HALL! A tropical storm can do a lot of damage, and we want everyone to be safe. Seeing as it's the most secure place in town, we ask that everyone evacuate their homes until the storm blows over and wait in the City Hall downtown.

We are expecting the rain, lightening, hail and high winds to last from late this evening to monday morning. So hurry up and get to City Hall!

There will be cots set up with some emergency rations, but please bring any creature comforts you require. Everyone will need to be locked in for safety; if there is anyone you do not get along with, tough cookies.

Please do not try to tough it out on your own! You could die!

((Hey, maybe that Mysterious Mayor will make an appearance! It is City Hall after all...))
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