Suoh Tamaki (grows_mushrooms) wrote in port_mango,
Suoh Tamaki

who:  Tamaki and Kyouya
what: Gratuitous boysex.
when: a little backlogged, takes place right after the bodies are switched back to their owners
where: Tama and Kyouya's house
rating:  VERY NAUGHTY. No little childrens allowed to read this.
Status: Finished :)

Kyouya had been more than happy to get his body back after having to spend an entire week borrowing Kakashi's. It was good to be back at work without getting odd stares, and he no longer had to wear that mask on his face at all times. He was a little curious to see what Tamaki had to say. So as soon as work was over for the day, Kyouya made his way home and once inside, looked around for the blonde. It didn't take long though before he spotted him as he walked down the hall.Just as Kyouya was about to say something, he found himself pressed against the wall with a very enthusiastic Tamaki kissing him. It was surprising, to say the least because that was the last thing he'd expect from the blonde, but Kyouya certainly wasn't about to complain. His breath hitched his throat as he actually found himself leaning in towards the kiss, pressing himself against the other boy. Having spent such a long time without Tamaki, Kyouya found that he really wanted to touch the blonde. Badly.

Very enthusiastic indeed! ...Or well, err horny. Maybe a combination of the two. One thing was for sure, Tamaki was very happy indeed that Kyouya was back to normal. Very happy, and very vocal. Hips arching forward, the blonde rocked into the other boy's body. Pressing them flush together as he all but devoured Kyouya's mouth. His tongue was seeking out every moist curve, curling around it's parter aggressively then lashing out to begin a slip-slide exploratations elsewhere. He'd been wanting to do this for ages, and not being able to had turned Tamaki fairly ravenous. He was not typically the aggressor in their more intimate moments, at the moment though he had little qualms about making his intent known by bolding grinding his hips against Kyouya's and all but dragging him back down the hall by the belt loops. And though the kiss got perhaps a bit sloppier, Tamaki refused disconnect as he tugged Kyouya into the bedroom. Not even when he tumbled the other boy back onto the mattress did he disengage entirely, instead opting to nibble and suck hungrily on Kyouya's lips while his hands went straight for the fastening of Kyouya's jeans.

It was different having Tamaki take the lead like this. Kyouya was lost in the moment trying to keep up with the other boy, and his hands were having a very difficult time keeping to themselves. It was all happening so quickly, but it was good. He needed this. Kyouya knew he'd needed Tamaki ever since the body switch began. His member was now hard from Tamaki's actions, and he let out a barely audible moan when the other boy began to lead them towards the bedroom. "I don't even get a 'hello' today, Tamaki?" He said as the blonde began to unbuckle his pants. He gasped at the contact from the other boy, and his hips automatically jerked forward, trying to seek out some sort of relief. Deciding to help his friend, Kyouya kicked off his jeans, while his hands began to unbutton Tamaki's shirt.

Quickly though things might've been going, Tamaki just couldn't get enough. All afternoon he'd been tortured with the knowledge that Kyouya was back to right and he was trapped away from him. It had been bad enough during the past week while even though Kyouya was there, Tamaki couldn't touch him. Now though, with the other boy here, and whole and Tamaki did have license to do as he pleased all the pent tension from the last few days was coming out in a rush. Tamaki really hadn't intended to take such bold measures, but he couldn't help it. And he couldn't decide just what he wanted, just that he wanted it all at once and needed it now. Nipping sharply at Kyouya's mouth, fingers finally managed to tear open the fastenings of the other boy's pants. He couldn't stop himself from making a low, needy sound of approval as his hand pressed into Kyouya's obvious arousal and gave it the much needed stimulation it desired. Aggressive though Tamaki was being, he still flushed a little in response to what the other boy had said. "This is better than hello I should think. " He replied flippantly a moment later, hand giving Kyouya's hardness a squeeze before shoving both pants and ungarments off with Kyouya's help. His own shirt came next and once the blonde had wriggled out of that he was tugging on Kyouya's. Unable to help himself his mouth dove in to nibble and lick it's way along his friend's neck whilst he attempted to shrug out of his own pants.

Kyouya let out a shaky moan as he allowed himself to be touched and stripped of his clothing. The fact that Tamaki was being so unusually dominant was surprising, but it was a good sort of surprise because he was so incredibly turned on by it. But what Kyouya found to be even more surprising was the fact that he was so sensitive to the other boy's touch. Was it because he hadn't had his body for such a long time that this was happening? Whatever the reason, Kyouya had to bite his lip to keep from making any more embarrassing noises. He grabbed a hold of the other boy gripping onto him tightly. "Yes, much better though a little warning next time would be nice."

"Yes, Mother. Of course, Mother." He all but purred it. But more surprising than his being so bold, was the teasing sarcasm in his voice as he mouthed the words hotly against the other boy's collarbone. Finally having managed to free himself, Tamaki was now palming the length of Kyouya's erection with steady, even strokes. Aggressive though he might've been being, Tamaki was still Tamaki and his motivations would always to some extent be utterly innocent to the more sly intentions of others. Also, at the moment he was far too impatient to act on some of the more...Interesting thoughts he'd been having that afternoon. Expression shifting in to one of concentration, he strained to reach the bedside table. Then snatching up what he'd been after returned to Kyouya where he promptly slid down the other boy's body and captured the rounded head of the other boy's cock between his pink lips before moving down the length of it as if he were trying to devour a melting popsicle .

Kyouya was also experiencing the same sort of frustration Tamaki must have been feeling because he wanted nothing more than to have Tamaki right there and then. And if he wasn't so preoccupied with other things, such as the pleasurable feeling he was getting from the other boy as he stroked his throbbing erection, he might have done something about it. But the truth was he didn't mind the fact that Tamaki wanted to be in control this time. Kyouya figured it was a nice change and perhaps a bit kinky. He made a mental note to try and get Tamaki in this mood in the future as he watched him reach over to get something from the bedside table. When he returned, he squirmed as the other boy took his member into his mouth he gasped loudly, enjoying the feel of the other boy's expert tongue. "T-Tama-" His entire body tensed as he stared at the other boy through half lidded eyes.

Tamaki could feel Kyouya's eyes on him as he suctioned at the other boy's hardness that was filling his mouth. And when the other boy gasped his name, he couldn't help but purr loudly around Kyouya's cock and peer up at him coyly through lowered lashes. Smoothing a free hand up the other boy's thigh, Tamaki pressed his thumb into the jut of Kyouya's hipbone as he drew back completely, releasing the other boy with a soft, wet smack. Smoothing his tongue over his abused lower lip, Tamaki's impatience finally caught up with him. Hastily flipping open the cap of what he'd snatched off the dresser, he squeezed a bit of the cool gel over the top of Kyouya's glistening arousal. Licking his lip again, Tamaki then clambered up along the length of the other boy's body and hovering over him, pressed hungry kisses to his mouth. Meanwhile his hand was searching out Kyouya's to press the small tube of lubricant into it. "..Can you--?" He asked, suddenly a little bashful despite the huskiness of his voice. A moment later and he was leaning down to nip at the other boy's ears and whispering. "..I like it when you do it. I like the way your fingers feel."

Kyouya stifled a moan at Tamaki’s last comment. How on earth could he say no to that? “Very well.” Kyouya looked up at Tamaki and smirked because despite everything, he was still the same old Tamaki. Shifting so that he was completely sitting upright, Kyouya took and tube that was handed to him and flipped it open. Once his fingers were coated to his liking, he once again looked at the other boy. He wanted to get a nice view of the blond, and he wasn’t sure if the way they were positioned now was good enough for him. “Tamaki, get on on your hands and knees for a moment.”

Indeed he was the same old Tamaki. The same old Tamaki who was seemingly obsessed with all things about the other boy, hands included. And who could really blame him? Kyouya's fingers were so long and slender and deliciously agile and Tamaki had been imagining the talents they possessed all afternoon. Drawing backward, the blonde had done as Kyouya had directed not two seconds after the orders were out of the other boy's mouth. Shifting around, legs almost indecently spread, Tamaki couldn't help but flush at how desperate he must've looked. Spine was bent in a graceful arch, and that delightfully smooth behind propped up higher than his head, which he rested on the pillow of his folded arms. His own arousal, heavy and moist at the tip seemed like it was miles away from the mattress and any of the blessed friction it had been recieving. Whining a little Tamaki turned his head to the side to peek needily back at the other boy. "Kyouya, hurry please." He keened, breath catching in his throat. " I need you now."

Despite Tamaki’s frustration, Kyouya had to take a moment to admire the gorgeous boy spread before him. He didn’t usually take the time to do so because usually he was preoccupied with more urgent matters, but now he sort of wished he had done so earlier. Tamaki was just so perfect. He was perfect, and Kyouya suddenly felt possessive over the other boy. There was no doubt in his mind that he was the only person that could ever see this side of Tamaki. Shifting once again, Kyouya positioned himself and inserted one of his lubricated fingers inside the tight opening. He slowly slid it in and out experimentally before adding another finger, working that into a scissoring motion all the while searching for Tamaki’s special spot.

Kyouya really was the only one who would probably ever see this side of Tamaki; Trembling with anticipation and fairly whimpering while waiting for the other boy's blessed hands to touch him. Wiggling a little, wondering just what was keeping the other, again Tamaki cranked his head to the side to peek back at Kyouya and watched him watching and something in the blonde's tummy lurched and dropped out the bottom and went straight to his cock--Who's hardness seemed to become all the more painful. "K-Kyouya~" He whined, only to make a soft surprised sound when he felt the first press of the other boy's fingers. It was good, and he hissed out his approval as he wiggled back onto Kyouya's questing digits. When they finally managed to hit that good place, Tamaki jerked a little wildly then pushed backward all the more.

Watching Tamaki carefully to see if he'd finally found the spot he was searching for, Kyouya was very pleased to see the other boy's reactions. Taking that as his cue, he continued to brush his fingers against that place, becoming rougher each time he did so. He inserted a third finger not long after, stretching and scissoring the tight opening to the best of his abilities. He was becoming really frustrated though, Tamaki was very warm and tight and he could only imagine how it would feel like to be inside of him.

Oh Kyouya indeed had found the special little sweet spot, and everytime his fingers bumped it Tamaki squirmed and whimpered and bit his lip from the pleasure of it. The other boy was playing ruthless with the less than gentle way he was handling the blonde, but whether it be from impatience or that Tamaki just plain liked it, he was not complaining in the slightest. Not even at the slight discomfort caused by the addition of yet another one of Kyouya's lovely, long fingers. But it wasn't enough, and he was aching for something more substantial. He wanted Kyouya, and he wanted him now. Making a soft, pleading noise, Tamaki pressed his damp forehead harder against his folded arms. "Kyouya, please just--Aaah, just--just..!" He whined as he squirmed around the other boy's moving fingers inside of him.

Kyouya figured he'd prepared Tamaki as best as he could from the reaction he was getting from the boy. So he withdrew his fingers from Tamaki, making sure to press against that spot one last time before he did so. "Ready, Tamaki?" He asked before shifting over so that his chest pressed against Tamaki's back and his member was so very close to his opening. He didn't need to wait for any sort of signal though because he already knew Tamaki had wanted this for a long time. He slowly entered Tamaki, holding on to his hips not wanting to hurt the other boy.

Ready though he was, Tamaki couldn't help but to mourn the loss of Kyouya's hands. And he made a soft grunt of dissaproval before putting it entirely out of mind when he felt the slick press of Kyouya's arousal pressing hotly against him. Shuddering, he wondered if the other boy had felt it through his skin. Pressed as close as they were, Tamaki supposed that he had but was utterly distracted by the damp slide of skin on skin and then by Kyouya's voice, dark and rich in his ear. He shuddered again, barely able to nod before Kyouya's hard sex was sliding inside. "A--aah~!" It was the only clear sound he made before breaking off into a soft, breathless string of unintelligable French. It hurt a little, after shifting a little it was better. But Kyouya was going too slow, and suddenly moving backward against the hands that were burning into his hips, the blonde jammed himself up to the hilt with Kyouya's cock.

Kyouya groaned, just getting used to the incredible heat of Tamaki's body was driving him mad. And now that Tamaki had given him the signal to go on, he began a slow, deep rhythm. He pressed himself closer to Tamaki, kissing along his shoulders and neck never breaking the pace he'd set. Hands sliding downwards, Kyouya grasped the other boy's hard member and began to stroke it in time with his motions."I don't speak French, Tamaki you know that" He murmured softly against the other boy's shoulder.

If Tamaki hadn't known any better, he would've thought that he was about to die. Only he did know better, and driving his hips into Kyouya's as they ground forward, he was whispering what could of very well been obscenities in that lilting, silken first language of his. It was only when the other boy scolded that the blonde struggled to translate his feverish thoughts. What came out, was a low, needy hiss as he first rocked back onto the other boy's slick arousal, then forward into the palm of his hand. "Yess~, j-just like that." As good as it was, the deep slide and the slow purposeful stride it was not nearly enough to satisfy the blonde, and he surprised even himself with the rough, gravelly urgency in his voice when he spoke again. "Harder, please."

At Tamaki's request, Kyouya quickened his pace. He was panting slightly now, as he furiously thrust into Tamaki. Though Kyouya was going at a fast pace, somewhere on his mind he remembered to seek out Tamaki's pleasure spot. His motions changed, and he angled himself a little as he continued his feverish pace. The other boy had stopped speaking in the foreign language, and even though he didn't like not knowing what the other was saying, it was very erotic hearing him speak in his mother tongue. "You can keep speaking in French if you'd like; it's very sexy" He whispered breathlessly into his friend's ear.

"Ah~! Mm, K-Kyouya... vous sentez comme le ciel." He gasped hotly in reply, driving himself backward even as the other boy thrust forward, pounding against that sweet spot inside. He couldn't keep himself quiet at this point, whimpering and crying out inarticulately between panting breaths with each jerk of the other boy's hips and hand. Shifting a little, arms uncurled so that clutching hands could fist at the blankets. God, Kyouya felt so good. So, so good, and he was babbling as much even as he begged for more. He was so close.

Kyouya was thrusting viciously now, desperately seeking out pleasure from the other boy. He could feel himself so close to release as he no longer cared about being gentle with Tamaki; His mind was way too focused on pounding into the blond and having him beg for more and more only urged him on. He pressed his body against Tamaki again, sliding in and out of him rapidly and gasping for air as he tried hard not to come just yet, he wanted to wait for Tamaki.

Kyouya wouldn't have to wait for long. With each violent thrust the blonde was being brought closer and closer to the brink. He was near incoherant now, voice hoarse and raw with each keening cry. Knuckles white as they dug and curled into the bedspread, violet eyes that had gone perhaps a shade darker were squeezed shut so tightly that hot, wet tears gathered on fanned lashes. Tamaki almost couldn't breath, and the blunt head of Kyouya's cock ramming against his insides was just as deliciously good as the way their flushed skin fused together. It started as an electric tickle, curling around the base of his own weeping erection until it loosed like a shot and tingled all the way up his spine. "Kyouya--Kyou-- Mnngh!" Shuddering, crying out loudly, he jammed himself back and back hard onto the other boy even as he rode out the electric waves of orgasm. The other boy's fingers around him became wet, and that sensation alone was almost enough to have him tripping up over another crest. Shaking, he thrust wildly into Kyouya's palm.

Kyouya was slamming into the other boy recklessly, knowing very well he was about to come any second now. Tamaki's clamping muscles as he came made his hips jerk forward violently and his hand pump Tamaki's member faster. "T-Tamaki!" He cried out hoarsely as he came inside the boy. The sudden rush of heat that spread throughout his body was maddening; his breath became low and ragged and he didn't want that blind pleasure he was feeling to end; it was just so good. Panting heavily against the other boy's skin, Kyouya reluctantly let go of the other boy's member. His heart was beating so fast, he was sure he could hear it.

Tamaki almost couldn't breathe. His lungs felt as if they would burst any moment and he was sobbing raggedly from the force of trying to calm them as much as from the trembling mess his release had left him in. Kyouya's hot weight ontop of him was far too much, and quaking thighs eventually gave so that the both of them fell in a messy heap on the mattress. He could feel the other boy inside him still, and muscles twitching around the intrusion, Tamaki moaned helplessly as another delicious shiver wracked him. And he did feel Kyouya's heart, pounding through his shoulderblades behind his own and just as fiercely so that for a moment Tamaki couldn't decide if it was his own or not. In all his effort to calm himself, Tamaki barely noticed that he'd started to cry.

Kyouya pressed his face against Tamaki's back, taking deep, ragged breaths as he also tried to calm himself as his mind was still jumbled up from the little game they'd just played. Kyouya didn't want that moment to end; it was just too perfect. He knew now that Tamaki was just too damn perfect. But he also knew that the other boy was probably exhausted. Slowly, he slid out of the blonde and settled himself beside him on the mattress. It was then that he noticed the other boy was crying. Did he hurt him? "Tamaki?"

It was silly, but as the blonde felt Kyouya start to draw away, to leave him, he almost asked for the other boy to stay where he was. Pressed together so completely had been so very nice, and with the other boy gone now Tamaki felt so very empty. In more ways than one perhaps. He'd managed to gain some control over his lungs by then, gasping breaths having quieted to soft, rasping inhalations. It was a long moment before he could find his voice, and when it did it was somewhat hoarse. "'M ok. " He mumbled, somewhat pathetically, only to find himself crying a little harder. Sniffling, he buried his face against his folded arms. It was hard to say what he was feeling just then, only it was too much for him to contain just then and it wanted out. It was a long moment before he managed words again. "I really m-missed y-you."

"Hn." He had missed being around Tamaki too; he just happened to have more control over his emotions than the other boy. However, seeing the blonde in such a state made him feel guilty. He knew it wasn't really his fault for the body switching incident, but he still felt somewhat responsible for putting Tamaki through it. Shifting so that he was closer to Tamaki, Kyouya draped an arm around him, and leaned in so that he could plant a kiss on the side of his head. "I'm glad to be back." He said quietly.Though he was more than happy to be back. He didn't know what he would've done without being able to touch or kiss the other boy. It really made him realize just how hopelessly in love he was with Tamaki. He never would have imagined himself so dependant on someone before.

He was done crying now. The jumbled mess of feeling had finally managed to sort itself out, as has his lungs. The soft press of the other boy's mouth tickling at his skin sealed the deal though and sniffling one last time, Tamaki turned his head to peer at Kyouya through damp lashes. Behind the hand that was curled near his mouth, there was a soft little smile. " I'm glad you are too." He said, and hiccuping on a sudden giggle waggled an eyebrow rather slyly. Or so he thought. "..I think maybe if you weren't back to normal, what we just did would've been a little awkward ." Releasing another quiet snigger, he scooted closer and wiggled beneath the arm draped across his back. "Mm. But it was very, very good." Pause and then a little pout, voice breathy as he added: "...Even if you did make me all messy...inside."

"I enjoy making you messy inside." He purred with a slight smile on his face. "I also enjoy seeing you clean up." Which was true; It was almost as fun as making the mess in the first place. "And I wouldn't allow anyone else to do that with you. Even it was me in someone else's body. Or somebody else using my body. I don't think I'd be able to stand it." Kyouya didn't think he'd know what to do if that ever happened.
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