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Update: We are happy to hear that no one has been seriously hurt during the storm! The Mangobots have been instructed to thank everyone for their prompt actions! Here is a recorded side note from your Mayor.
*Crackly recording plays from hidden bot-speakers*

"Seeing as my office needed to be used for a shelter, I was relocated to a classified location in one of the island's Laboratories. I find there is a suspicious atmosphere here, the scientists seem very nervous. With that in mind, I will return to town in the morning-"

*cuts out, Mango bot continues*

That is all, residents. Please continue with your daily lives as best you can while the Bots start cleanup.

((Here at Port Mango, we encourage your creativity. So, for our next major event, we are having a contest! The theme is Hallowe'en*, so be as spooky and horrifying as you like. Please send all ideas to this email:

Include the general crack idea, an IC explanation for the event**, and all applicable details. Post any questions as replies to this post. Deadline is October 19th, that's next Friday. May the best idea win!

*For anyone who doesn't live in an area where this is celebrated, check Wikipedia ^^;;
**This would just be how the crack is explained to the residents, example, the horrible sea monster is attacking the village BECAUSE the scientists were messing with its brainwaves. It has nothing to do with your personal character... Unless it's your fault x3))
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