Robin Hood (hoodedrogue) wrote in port_mango,
Robin Hood

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Who: Robin Hood, open to anyone.
What: Thinking.
When: Today, October 17.
Where: The forest.
Warnings: None.

Once again, Robin sought shelter in the forest. This time, he was up in the tree, lounging on a branch, his back up against the trunk.

He was attempting to relax, but it wasn't truly working. His mind was filled with thoughts of home; particularly of his men and Marian. He only wished there was some way to let them know he was all right. And to see if they were all right.

He had a good feeling they were. Except maybe for Much. His childhood friend was probably fretting about, trying to find any sign of the outlaw.

It brought a tiny smile to Robin's face. He missed Much terribly.
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